Version Control - Specific to Our Site

by various members of the Mysite Staff Last Revised: 27 Nov. 2002

Companion Documents

Where is the repository?

The relevent CVS projects in the repository are:

Record all Vendor Branches here:

All code from external sources shall be imported onto a vendor branch.

Note that vendor branches are per CVS project, just like everything else in CVS. But please be sure to use the same vendor branch numbers and names across all our CVS projects above. (If for some reason you don't or can't, change the list of vendor branches below to be per-cvs-project.)

What CVS "Method" Are We Using?


On the website

On the S code

On our site Emacs code

What else?

Tag Naming Conventions

When naming tags please try to follow our conventions as much as possible, to make things clearer for everyone. Record additions or modifications to the conventions here.

Adding a PDF Report - an example

You created the PDF somewhere else, and now you want to check it into CVS on the Dev site. Since you created the file somewhere else, you may have had to fool with the unix file ownership and permissions with chown and chmod - we want it writeable by the group web. This should now be taken care of by the sticky bits on the directory. It's also a good idea to use the -kb flag when you do cvs add, to make sure CVS treats it as a binary file. So, e.g.:

$ cd /web/mysite-dev/packages/mypackage/www/reports
$ cp somewhere/foo.pdf foo.pdf
$ chmod ug+rw foo.pdf
$ ls -lst foo.pdf
$ cvs add -kb foo.pdf
$ cvs commit foo.pdf

For a commit comment, try and use something descriptive yet reasonably succinct. If you have to choose, accutate and descriptive is better than succinct. (E.g., "new study" probably isn't very good choic.)

Now, let's push the newly commited PDF out to the Production site:

$ cd /web/mysite/packages/mypackage/www/reports/
$ cvs -nq update
$ cvs update -kb foo.pdf

Note that in order to have your PDF reports indexed by Site-Wide Search, you need to tell the Static Pages package to re-scan and sync the file-system with the database. See our ACS tools document for more info.
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