Running : Running Last Revised: 19 January 2002

So far I've run a single 10 km (6.21 mile) race, the 21st Annual Hangover Classic, 1 January 2002 in Salisbury, MA. It was fun! Here are some photos from the race, all taken by and courtesy of Jim Rhoades:

Ezra finishing the 5 km. Patrycja finishing the 10 km (in 43:30).
Andy (me) finishing the 10 km (in 47:11). Patrycja getting in the way while taking pictures, Julia (in white) finishing.
Nick finishing. Katrina (458) and Walt (in orange) finishing, Julia looking on.
Andy failing to duck out of the picture, Walt and Julia again in the background. Julia after finishing.
Justynian and Nick after finishing. Justynian and Nick again.
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